About Me

Cupcakes for Everyone

My name is Jasmin Wisniewski and I am a mother of two food allergic children.  My son is allergic to Eggs, Peanut/Tree Nuts.  My daughter is allergic to Dairy .  
​I have 17 years of hands-on experience with food allergies.  

It is important to me to not only provide something that is food allergy friendly, but also something that tastes great and would feel comfortable sharing with others. After much searching and experimentation, I built up a collection of recipes which really fit the bill. My journey of discovery with both its disheartening pitfalls and “oh-so-sweet” victories was what ultimately inspired me to launch my cupcake business.

My goal is to provide those with food allergies or those who are vegan with yummy treats that will completely destroy the stereotype of food allergy friendly and vegan dishes. One of my greatest sources of joy and inspiration is the look on someones face when I tell them that the awesome treat they are eating is totally food allergy friendly! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  

I look forward to creating the perfect cupcake for you!  ~Jasmin Wisniewski